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Our Meal Prep Options

Max Effort Training is excited to announce a partnership with Savage Chef. Our clients are able to place an order with MET and have their meals delivered right to the gym every week!

About Savage Chef

Savage Chef owner Caleb Hoag has a passion for health and fitness but understands the need to enjoy life as well. He knows too well the struggles of eating healthy in the everyday life of parenting, working and maintaining relationships. After losing over 100 pounds 6 years ago, Caleb has been determined to help others to live their best lives with delicious healthy meals. He has honed his culinary skills to bring creative takes on traditional comfort foods. His philosophy is to provide people with truly sustainable nutrition.

How It Works

MET clients can place their order by filling out an order form at the front desk during their visit to the gym. You may also email your selections to Orders are due by THURSDAY night for the following week. Meals are delivered on Monday evening.

Download the current menu!

Prepared Meals F.A.Q.

Of course! You can order as many or as few meals as you want every week from our amazing menu! There are no contracts. You simply place your order for the following week by Thursday.

Savage Chef offers a diverse selection of menu items including breakfast options. Check out the menus to see their current menu options!

You can simply call or email your order in to us by Thursday for the following week. Meals are delivered on Monday evenings and will be in the cooler in front of the gym! Let us know when you will be stopping by and then pick up the meals you ordered from the refrigerator. We believe that part of being able to sustain a healthy diet is being able to eat things that you enjoy and taste great!

No, the meals are made fresh every week and delivered so that you can fully enjoy the great taste!

The price will vary from meal to meal depending on the ingredients, but they range from $6.50 to $10 per meal.

You do not need to pre-order desserts. They are available in our lobby for pick-up. However, the desserts do go fast so if you have a particular order that you would like let us know and we can place it for you.

Yes! They really are healthy and delicious! They are low calorie, low sugar, and made with all natural ingredients. They are just enough to really quench the taste for something sweet without having to feel guilty. All ingredients are listed on our menu so you can see for yourself also.

This will depend on many factors including your goals in regard to weight loss or weight gain, your current diet, calorie requirements, etc. Your trainer will discuss this with you since your nutrition and diet is a vital part of your wellness plan.