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Our Meal Prep Options

Stay tuned for some exciting updates about meal prep offerings!

Prepared Meals F.A.Q.

Of course! You can order as many or as few meals as you want every week from our amazing menu! There are no contracts. You simply place your order for the following week by Friday.

There are 5 different weeks worth of meal options. You can pick and choose whichever meals you prefer and whatever quantity of meals you want from the current week's offerings.

You can simply call or email your order in to us by Thursday for the following week. Meals are delivered on Monday mornings and will be in the cooler right in the front lobby! Let us know when you will be stopping by and then pick up the meals you ordered from the refrigerator in the lobby on the delivery day. We believe that part of being able to sustain a healthy diet is being able to eat things that you enjoy and taste great!

No, the meals are made fresh every week and delivered so that you can fully enjoy the great taste!

Each meal is $11 and typically is 2 servings per meal. How you base your serving size will depend on your meal plan, calorie requirement, macronutrient breakdown etc. Your trainer will discuss this with you as part of your overall wellness plan.

You do not need to pre-order desserts. They are available in our lobby for pick-up. However, the desserts do go fast so if you have a particular order that you would like let us know and we can place it for you.

Yes! They really are healthy and delicious! They are low calorie, low sugar, and made with all natural ingredients. They are just enough to really quench the taste for something sweet without having to feel guilty. All ingredients are listed on our menu so you can see for yourself also.

This will depend on many factors including your goals in regard to weight loss or weight gain, your current diet, calorie requirements, etc. Your trainer will discuss this with you since your nutrition and diet is a vital part of your wellness plan.

You can simply place your order with us and it will be ready for pick up. Delivery is also available in Henrietta if it is a larger order.