Client Testimonials

Karen Abramowitz

Karen Abramowitz - Trained with Jacques-Luis

My original plan was to hire Jacques for a few weeks to get in bikini shape for an upcoming trip to Florida. I had suffered from two herniated discs in my neck, and did not do any real exercise, other than some treadmill on occasion. I did not feel that I was terribly out of shape, until recently when I saw the "before" picture of myself. It has been almost one year that I have been working with Jacques, and I have never in my life been in such tremendous physical shape.

Yes, I have dropped a few pounds, but the muscles I have created are absolutely unbelievable. I look in the mirror, and actually stare in amazement at the work that the two of us have done together.

There were days when I would drag myself to the gym, and knowing that I had a commitment to meet with Jacques made my workout a little easier. He pushes me through; helps strengthen me, both physically and mentally. Jacques teaches me how to work my muscles, the body parts that I did not know I could ever use!

Going to meet with Jacques three times a week is the best part of my week. I look forward to our sessions. I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am happy to be at the gym and be recognized for being physically fit, especially working out at a gym that is mostly students.

If I could sum up my workouts with Jacques in just a few words, they would be "refreshing," "energetic," and "healthful." Jacques is also an incredible listener and someone I am also proud to call my friend.

Patty Bascomb

Patty Bascomb - Trained with Jacques-Luis

I have been working out with Jacques since June 2004. I have always “exercised,” but I knew that I was at the point in my life where I wanted to work with a trainer who would push me to reach my goals and give me the incentive to keep those goals. Jacques has listened well to what I wanted to achieve a level of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and slow gravity down a bit. My goal was not to lose weight, but to tone and tighten my muscles; and I have done that.

Jacques uses a different format of exercises each time we meet to keep a variety in my workouts. He is a great motivator and makes the toughest workouts enjoyable. As an educator, I must say that Jacques uses great positive reinforcement and has done exercises along with me to give me the push I need when we are at a difficult point in a session.

He is a trainer who is easy to work with because he makes his clients feel important and establishes a rapport that is comfortable. Jacques makes it possible to work out in a comfortable, non-threatening environment and builds pride in what you are doing and accomplishing. I have never been in better shape or felt so good. I look forward to my twice-weekly workouts because it is an hour of challenging, yet fun, exercise that I do with someone who keeps my goals and objectives in mind.

Mary Beatty

Mary Beatty - Trained with Jacques-Luis

I started training with Jacques-Luis to get ready for my wedding. He was a wonderful trainer; I’d still be working with him if I hadn’t moved from Rochester. His workouts were always challenging, he knew exactly how far to push me and because of this I saw (and felt) the results quickly. My results totally exceeded my expectations—in a just over three months I lost nearly 4 inches in my hips; over 3 inches in my waist; and 4% body fat. He whipped me into shape through our workouts and by helping me develop a sensible diet. His training made me look and feel wonderful for my wedding day!

Tate DeCaro

Tate DeCaro - Trained with Jacques-Luis

After losing 40 pounds on my own through exercise and diet changes, I had reached a plateau and was feeling frustrated that I couldn't break through to get closer to the 50 pound loss that was my goal. I also wanted to start building strength to help me in my yoga practice. I started going to Jacques, and we set up a weekly routine at home, as well as the work we did together at the gym. I never imagined I would say this, but it's always so much fun going for my work outs because Jacques makes it enjoyable! Each day we meet we do something a little different, which keeps it interesting, and he always has such a positive attitude that it's easy to feel inspired to want to do more. He's also excellent at "reading" people and knowing what they need that day - There are days when I walk in there exhausted and he can tell if it's the kind of exhausted that needs pumping up, or the kind where I need a really easy day of exercise. I don't know how he knows, but he's always right!

In working with Jacques I have so far lost another 8 pounds and gained a great amount of strength, which shows up daily in how much more I can do in yoga classes. Jacques also helped me realize my dream of becoming a certified yoga instructor. He helped to instill the confidence I needed to sign up for the teacher training, and provided moral support while I completed my 200 hour training!

With his guidance, along with that of my yoga teacher training instructors, I have truly changed the way I look at the world... Take chances. Don't be afraid to try - If you don't try you can't fail, but you'll also never fly. Go for what you love. Be the answer to your own prayers.

"There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, and you ask, 'What if I fall?' Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" (Erin Hanson, poet)

Angelina Faulkner

Angelina Faulkner - Trained with Joe

In the beginning I was hesitant about whether or not I should go through with getting a personal trainer because I was unsure of my own self esteem. Then I met with Joseph Delgado. He laid out the routines and ideas for me and made me feel comfortable with starting a workout program. I am going to be blunt. I was a hefty 225lbs when I first met Joe and I wanted to change that. Working with him once to twice a week I was beginning to get the hang of things. I enjoyed the new workout and diet and I saw results faster than I could have ever expected. In the 10 weeks of working with him I lost a total of 42lbs and 10 inches from my body all together. I felt accomplished and the most self esteem I have had in years. Working with Joe was the best thing that I could have ever asked for. I now take his spinning classes 4 times a week just to keep up and try to get in better shape. Before Joe I never liked to wear dresses and now I wear them proudly. Thanks Joe!

Lois Goodman

Lois Goodman - Trained with Jacques-Luis & Joe

I am 70 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1984. Over the years I have explored various programs to help me maintain my health and fitness, but it wasn't until I met Jacques-Luis and Joe of Max Effort that I found this much success. I have trained with them through classes and some personal training since 2009. I've never stuck with a program this long before. They give me some of the athletic life I had before MS through lifting weights, stretching, toning. And I enjoy being with them, they know how to adapt programs to fit my personal specific needs and challenges all the while making it fun. I look forward to classes three times a week and I surprise myself at how committed I am to Max Effort. When I'm with them I don't feel disabled and I certainly don't feel like an old lady!


Heather - Trained with Marty

I have had issues with weight and self-image my entire life. I decided to join Max Effort Training when I had hit another low point. The stresses of a new job, my relationship, a new home and family issues caused my anxiety levels to increase significantly. I was depressed and, as many of us do, turned to food for comfort. The resulting increase in my weight intensified these negative feelings about myself. However, I was desperate to feel better and wanted to make positive life choices to begin this process.

I started training with Marty in March of 2017. Our first training session created the best first impression of what was to come. We met during the first day of the horrific wind storms that leveled the Rochester area. The gym had no power and no heat but Marty was still willing to train with me. He could have easily cancelled our session but his willingness to stay showed me that he truly cared and wanted to be a part of my journey.

Since our first session, I have continued to train with Marty three times a week. Our workouts include strength training, weight training, conditioning, and cardio. Marty is a great personal trainer because he clearly loves what he does! He builds a relationship with each of his clients that creates a sense of trust and safety. He is so encouraging and friendly that it is easy to build a friendship with him. Marty has also held me accountable on the goals we established during our first meeting. We constantly talk about nutrition, have weekly weigh in sessions, periodic measurements, and always converse about life in general.

Marty and the rest of the team at Max Effort Training have created such a positive environment that I look forward to my appointments! Marty has continued to set high-expectations for me in our workout sessions but at the same time is so excited and proud of my accomplishments. He is very easy to work with and is flexible with his schedule. I am a full-time educator and musician with multiple part-time jobs and Marty ALWAYS works around my fluctuating schedule.

Since I started training with Marty, I have seen and felt both positive physical and mental changes. Physically, I have lost more than 25 pounds in 5 months. Every week I continue to get stronger as evidenced by our workout sessions. Mentally, I am gaining my confidence back. Even though some of my life stressors continue, my anxiety level has dropped and I am no longer depressed. Overall, I feel better about my self-image and my life in general which is the most important aspect I have gained in this journey. This one decision to train with Marty has created many more positive changes in my life habits. I am so excited to continue working with Marty as I know that these results will only continue to get better :)

Stephanie Honeycutt

Stephanie Honeycutt

Stephanie Honeycutt - Trained with Eric

I started training with Eric in May 2014. I had always been very active with sports when I was younger, but slowly became more stationary as the years went by. Throughout this time, I gained over 20 pounds and found myself becoming unhappy with both my body and life in general. It was hard to get motivated to get out of the house, and I could never seem to work up enough energy to be excited about anything. After one particularly bad meal out, I decided that enough was enough, and that I owed it to myself to get healthy and happy. Something had to change.

I signed up for personal training at a big name gym, and was introduced to Eric. I was terrible at everything, which is a testament in itself to Eric's patience and willingness to start slow and only go as far as the client is able. We are all different and cannot not be trained in a cookie-cutter way! (Years later, I can laugh at exactly how hopeless I was, but we all have to start somewhere and there is no sense in feeling self conscious about it. Looking back and realizing how far I've come is what makes it all worth it). I started seeing results within a couple of months-I completely changed my diet, lost 20 pounds, ran a half marathon, completed a Tough Mudder, entered an event at the Arnold Schwarzenegger fitness festival and was in what I thought was the best shape of my life. Mentally, I was seeing a huge turnaround in my level of happiness and motivation to be a productive member of society. Having Eric there to push me and hold me accountable was exactly the kick start that I needed. Friends and family were also noticing the changes in me.

All of a sudden, things started to change with my body. A little over a year into my training, I was diagnosed with an intramedulluary hemangioblastoma at the age of 29-a very rare tumor on my cervical spinal cord. This was such a devastating shock that I know for a fact that if I hadn't been training with Eric, I would have given up. I was extremely lucky to have a trainer that I was comfortable with and who understood how exactly my body was changing from the previous "normal". Having Eric to go to during the entire process helped manage both my physical and mental symptoms. Never underestimate the power of a good sweat session! Therapy comes in many forms, and exercise has become my go-to solution to a bad day.

Needless to say, when Eric joined the Max Effort team I jumped on board, and couldn't be happier with my continuing progress. Since the diagnosis, I have really started getting into heavier weights/kettlebells and this has switched my passion from running to weightlifting (but yes, you will still probably find me on a treadmill if I'm not actively training with Eric...). I would have never thought that my body was capable of performing the way that it does-even the doctors have been amazed at how well I'm managing my symptoms. I've gained about 10 pounds back, but in muscle and am learning to not obsess with the number on the scale. I'm looking forward to the future and seeing how far I can go and what else I can do. Having to have surgery on my spinal cord is a very real possibility for me, but one thing I can take off my plate is worrying about the recovery process. I know that I have a great resource in Eric as well as the entire Max Effort team.

Our lives are what we decide to make of it, and I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet!

Dan Howell

Dan Howell - Trained with Jacques-Luis

In 2007, I decided it was time to take my health and wellness into my own hands and make a positive change. However, after years of being a runner and performing in local theatre, I didn't know where to start. I made my decision to meet with a personal trainer after performing as a featured dancer in a local theatre production. After years of performing, I finally arrived at point where I didn’t have the strength to perform certain partner lifts. I knew it was time to start strength training to build some muscle mass and increase my size and weight. I was fortunate enough to come across Max Effort Training and had my initial meeting with Jacques-Luis. After that first hour discussing my goals and history, I knew I was about to start an exciting journey.

Jacques-Luis and I started a plan to shift away from my years of distance running. I started off being underweight at 143 pounds and suffered from several digestive issues because of my weight. After a short time, I was already seeing results and feeling better both physically and mentally. We continued to adapt the program as my comfort level increased and I was ready to take on more workouts on my own. We started with weight training twice a week. I now I head into the gym five days a week, my weight is up to 170 pounds with a body fat percentage still around 14%. I’ve increased my muscle mass and I’m continuing to increase my weight-training plan to continue increasing my strength and mass. But more importantly, my confidence is at a level its never been in my entire life, my health issues are completely gone, and I’m able to perform on stage with no concerns about stamina or strength. As a true testament to his training, 3 years after Jacques-Luis and I started working together, I was again a featured dancer and was able to perform several lifts with my dance partners.

Over the years, I’ve been able to count on Jacques-Luis to help me adjust my workout plans to change from bulking phases, to cutting phases, and to prepare for performances. We’ve adapted to injuries, surgeries, vacations, and everything in between. He’s pushed me to levels I never thought I’d achieve in the gym. Working out started off as something incredibly intimidating and has evolved into something I look forward to on a daily basis. As we continue to work together and continuously tweak my workout plans, I know I can always check-in with questions, concerns, and new ideas and we’ll work through them together. Jacques-Luis has always made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities and it has had a profound on my life in many ways; as a bonus, we’ve gone from a client/trainer relationship to being friends. I look forward to many more years working together. I would highly recommend the training team at Max Effort Training to anyone who is interested in improving their health and wellness to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Liz Kesel

Liz Kesel - Trained with Jacques-Luis

Before I started working with Jacques, I was completely clueless as to what to do at the gym. Going through high school, I was very active in sports and never had to worry about "working out", my metabolism was so high and I never gained any weight. I was in shape. Then college started, and classes came before the gym always and I gained a lot of weight. So by the time I graduated and finished travelling for work and had time to go to the gym, I hated it because I didn't know what I was doing. I was very frustrated, hated running, hated cardio, hated the treadmill the most (it was the enemy) and it was a chore. Then I talked to Jacques. Working with him, setting goals, and the positive attitude he brought to every session got me through. I eventually didn't hate the gym anymore and slowly but surely the treadmill and I became friends. During the time I worked with Jacques, there were times that results came and then times when they weren't so apparent. He knew exactly how to switch up the workout so that my body was always pushed just beyond the limit, which is exactly what I needed. There was always something new. And even though there were times I wanted to give up, Jacques never gave up on me. Not only did I see results physically, but I started feeling so much better about myself mentally as well. I feel comfortable in my own skin now. Even though I couldn't meet with Jacques anymore because I moved for my job, when I go to the gym and work out, I hear Jacques as the little voice in my head pushing me even further. Thank you so much!!!

Dates working with Jacques: 11/30/05 - 8/30/06
Starting stats: 160 lbs; 31.8% Body fat
Ending stats: 143.6 lbs; 27.4% Body Fat
Lost: 16.4 lbs; 4.4% Body Fat; and 18.7 total inches lost and 2 jeans sizes!

Bernadette Lynch

Bernadette Lynch - Trained with Jacques-Luis

April 1, 2011 was the day that changed my life. Daric Beiter, a close family friend, died of a heart attack after his pacemaker failed to work. It was his 37th birthday and except for the heart firing issue he was in perfect health. He was a high school social studies teacher and track coach. Losing someone who was like a brother to me for 35 years was devastating. On the night of his funeral, his father pulled me aside and told me that I needed to do something about my health for me and so I can be around for my kids. If someone who essentially was the picture of health could die so suddenly, what was my outlook – not good!

I decided then that I needed to make some significant changes, but knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I weighed 323 pounds, was on diabetes medication, and had severe arthritis in my right knee which made walking difficult. Fortunately I work at RIT and I met with Jacques-Luis Nodar one of the managers of the Better Me fitness program. I will never forget that first meeting as he focused on the positive things that I was bringing to the table. I was scared, but determined.

Jacques recommended that I track my food and meet with the registered dietician at RIT. In addition, he assessed my fitness level, took measurements, and gave me weekly cardio goals and taught me simple strength training routines. He also recommended that I buy an Air Dyne exercise bike which I found on Craigslist. I email him my weekly food diary and check in with him throughout the week including sending in weekly weigh-ins.

At first, I was skeptical and little disbelieving to think that I could ride a bike for 30 minutes at a time. I definitely started out slowly, but was surprised at how I was able to increase the amount of time on the exercise bike from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. I have kept track of all my work outs which has been great for me to look back and see the progress.

I started out with 48% body fat, a waist measurement of 50 ½ inches, and hip measurement of 62 inches. Today I have 33.1% body fat, a 35 inch waist and hip measurement of 43 ½ inches. I have lost 142 pounds. I was wearing a size 26/28 and am now down to a size 12. In addition, in less than a year, I am completely off my diabetes medicine as my A1C is in the normal range and I no longer need to take acid reflux medicine. My cholesterol is below 200 as well. All these numbers are great, but the best part of all of this is the improved quality of life I have. Things that were difficult before are not – walking up the stairs, sitting in a lounge chair, playing catch with one of my boys, shoveling snow; the list could go on and on.

I have been successful because I have a great support system in place. My children, Michael (11) and Brendan (9) are my biggest cheerleaders. My husband has taken on more responsibilities at home so that I have time to fit in my workout for the day. The biggest secret to my success has been the partnership that has developed between Jacques and me. He has motivated me, supported me and challenged me to do things that I never imagined I would be able to do.

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch - Trained with Jacques-Luis

Hello. I’m Michael Lynch. I have lost 1.5 inches on my waist, over 6 percent body fat, and lowered my resting pulse by over 20 bpm in 10 months of working out. When I started working out I was at risk of becoming overweight and I didn’t feel good about myself but wasn’t willing to put in the time and effort to lose weight. Then one week my mom brought me to one of her Spin and Sculpt classes. I didn’t like it too much at first but my mom kept bringing me. When I saw the results at my next doctor’s appointment (lost 9 lbs the first month) I was extremely excited. I decided to keep going and now it is part of my routine.

I go to the Max Effort Spin and Sculpt class once a week now and I can’t wait for it. What I love about Max Effort are the people that work there. They are so nice and encouraging and are really what I looked forward to when I didn’t like working out. They work with you so if you have injuries or have low-energy they will adjust your workout to your abilities for that day. The improvements are gradual but not so much that it’s easy. Workouts are challenging but not over-tiring and work well even on low-energy days. I’m considering moving to a second workout on Saturday because of how great this place is, something I wouldn’t have thought possible one year ago. I’m so grateful I worked out and am glad that I started.

Team Lynch

Team Lynch

Team Lynch - Trained with Jacques-Luis

My mom was doing very well working out and changing her exercise. She is my inspiration. My mom invited me to Max Effort. I was a little hesitant at first but I decided to try it. I really like the spin and sculpt class. I am not into sports or exercise, but that class is fun and challenging. Exercise has made me a better person and a better actor. Jacques is always so nice. He does a workout that fits just me, not necessarily things my mom does or my brother does. He is encouraging, and he is always full of energy and positivity. I look forward to going there every week.

Michael has never been interested in sports. His pediatrician has been adamant about getting him moving more. I brought Michael to a few individual workouts with Jacques and me, and then started bringing him to Spin and Sculpt. As Michael said, Jacques is excellent at challenging individuals where they are at; no matter what their limitations are. He also asked Michael what his favorite exercises were and works to incorporate them into our workouts together. I love seeing Michael become more confident, and it has been great fun working out together.

My other son, Brendan, is a baseball and hockey player and needs to work on improving his speed and overall fitness level. He also has joined me at workouts and recently has been coming to spin class on Saturday mornings. Brendan also has shown great interest in lifting weights, and we are working to incorporate that type of training slowly into his routines. I enjoy my workout time on my own. I never imagined that working out with my boys would be as much as fun as it is, and love working that in to my schedule at least once a week. The bonus is that we get to spend more time together, and we can cheer each other on – I love it when one of them gives me a high five or a hug after a particularly challenging workout. As Jacques says, “Go Team Lynch!”

Mark McFee

Mark McFee - Trained with Jacques-Luis & Joe

I met Jacques-Luis and Joe when they began an employee wellness program for my organization. I travel frequently for my job and had put on a significant amount of weight and had little success establishing a regular fitness routine outside of volleyball leagues. Their first offering was a spinning class. I had never spun before and my bike riding experience was limited to childhood. Jacques-Luis and Joe patiently showed me the basics of the spin bike and taught me proper riding form. It was challenging, but over time I gained confidence and became healthier.

The class offerings grew to include a wide variety of classes. Through circuit training and boot camp style classes, I learned dozens of new movements and exercises. Jacques-Luis and Joe were always patient, instructional, thoughtful in the design of their workouts and encouraging. I began to discover my inner athlete and also made new friends too.

One day, I was approached by a colleague and exercise classmate who asked me to help her train for a half marathon. I had never run more than a 5K. I agreed and we successfully trained and ran the half. I continued distance running and one year later completed a full marathon. I have since run another 6 half marathons and completed two Tough Mudder events. Jacques-Luis and Joe helped me develop the confidence and athleticism to set and achieve new goals. I am so thankful for their enthusiasm and commitment to wellness and the well being of their clients.

Lorna Mittelman

Lorna Mittelman - Trained with Jacques-Luis

For about five years until the summer of 2002, I had gone through an extremely physically and mentally exhausting period, working full time and going to graduate school full time in English as well as quitting smoking. Reading 600-1000 pages a week for school meant that the three miles a day walking to classes and back with a loaded pack did virtually nothing in the way of exercise and weight control. By the summer of 2005 I weight a completely miserable 152, an outrageous amount on my 5’5” frame. When the E-mail came through announcing the inimitable Max Effort duo’s, Joe Delgado and Jacques Nodar, arrival at the RIT gym, I knew I had to begin to exercise. I had not even entered the building and certainly would not have had the nerve to go to the gym, much less did I have the slightest idea how to go about exercising properly. In addition, childhood polio had left one side somewhat weakened and since it was my non-dominant side, my tendency to not use those limbs made the weakness more pronounced.

While I couldn’t really afford the expense, I couldn’t really not afford to do something. I had weighed between 115 and 125 pounds nearly all my adult life and the lethargy and ugliness I felt at 152 pounds was a real misery and horror. And so we began, quite slowly with Jacques questioning me on pain levels frequently until there was no longer a need. After four months, the scale showed 162 pounds. Jacques was encouraging, saying I had exchanged fat for muscle, but I was now frantic to get control of my weight and Jacques ordered me to burn 2400 calories a week in cardio work. Disliking the stationary bicycles at the gym, I purchased a top-of-the-line model that also had arm as well as leg movement and a magnetic system for increasing resistance. After three months my weight stabilized. I wasn’t losing anything but at least I hadn’t gained anything. Jacques recommended I increase the calorie burning to 3000 calories a week (about eight hours on the stationary bicycle, plus the twice a week weight training with Jacques). Finally the weight began to creep off. It was now nine months after beginning weight training. I managed to do the cardio exercising by making the rule that all television watching would occur while I peddled away. I put the bicycle in the kitchen where it was annoyingly present and got going.

By July 2006 I had lost ten pounds and by the following September another ten. I was thrilled. So was Jacques as for each ten pounds I lost, he got two dozen of my favorite, world-famous, double chocolate chip muffins. And so it went; by Christmas another ten pounds until on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, I reached my goal weight of 125 pounds. I had dropped from a size 14 to a size 4, sometimes 6. I bundled up all my clothes that were now too big and put them in a linen storage bag with a large tag that says “fat clothes”. I now weighed what I had weighed in college and the clothes from those years that I had kept (proper Scottish kilts never wear out) sat on my body perfectly! The expensive suit I had purchased in my thirties fit as if I had purchased it bespoke.

It is now eight months later and my weight ranges 120-125 pounds. The one time it rose over 130 (traveling in Texas and doing little but eating out) the weight dropped quickly back to its normal weight within two weeks of returning to normal life. Much more importantly than return ing to the body I had forty-five years ago, is the health and rejuvenation working out twice a week gives me. At my age, weight is not merely a cosmetic problem, it is a medical problem but more seriously, being out of shape means that my balance is deteriorating alarmingly and my bones are quickly becoming arthritic and probably thinning. We know that muscle is the one body part that deteriorates with lack of use not age. As the bones thin (exercise helps that problem) and balance deteriorates, the elderly become increasingly vulnerable to catastrophic falls. That happened to my great grandmother. She fell in her seventies, never walked again and the inactivity hastened her senility. She died a miserable and lonely woman ten years later. The only way I can avoid the same fate is to continue the weight training to slow the advance of osteoarthritis and maintain my balance. Yes, I lost the weight and I am thrilled with that, thrilled with the increased energy, the increased ability to do physical things in life as well as the increased stamina. But I will continue weight training for the rest of my life so that I can die as young as possible as late as possible. My goal is to die at 100 with the capability of a healthy active sixty-year-old. Bu the way, one side effect of working out regularly is my mind is much sharper. It isn’t just me saying these things; my internist, cardiologist and orthopædist tell me the same thing. Now people tell me how much they admire my discipline. Forget it. What accounts for my success is Jacques’ tremendous knowledge of weight training and his ability to make it fun for me. He knows I love to talk. He knows that if I start telling him a story he can get me to do five more reps without my even noticing. He knows that I need variety and that I respond most to interacting with people and he provides all of that. He genuinely loves what he is doing and he does his work superbly. I think in the two years I have been working with him, I have felt stiff the next day only once or twice. And yet my strength and balance has increased exponentially. I can now easily balance and do exercises that some of his 20-year-old clients struggle to manage.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, it is never too late to begin getting into shape and it is the beginning of the most striking rejuvenation you can experience. It is the cheapest and most rewarding way towards superb health and with Jacques working with you, it will be a very enjoyable time. The first picture is January 2006, a miserable 162 pounds. The second is March 2007, a happy 125 pounds.

Deana Olles

Deana Olles - Trained with Jacques-Luis

I have been working with Jacques for the past 6 months. I began training to get in better shape for my wedding over the summer. After 3 months of hard work and attention to nutrition, I had lost 9 pounds and almost 4% of my body fat. But the most important thing to me was how I looked. I had lost three jean sizes, going from a 32 inch waist to a 29 inch waist! My arms and legs were getting toned and I could even see the difference in my face. When it came time for my final fitting in my wedding dress, we had to scramble to take it in AGAIN! I had purchased a size 14 and took it down to a size 10. Since the wedding, I continue to work with Jacques. I would hate to reverse the progress I have made. The best part about training with Jacques is that I am motivated to go and work hard. I never feel as though I didn’t get a good enough workout! I have more energy and stamina now and I feel so much healthier.

Karen Petras

Karen Petras - Trained with Jacques-Luis

It’s never too late when you have help and encouragement from Jacques-Luis! Last September I accepted a challenge from my brother to sign on with his trainer, Jacques. I had always maintained some kind of exercise, like water aerobics, but while I stayed fairly mobile, it had done nothing for my ever increasing weight. The more I exercised, the more I ate and the more weight I gained.

I began working out with Jacques twice a week for a half hour and continued my water aerobics. Still I ate! In December I made the decision to get myself into a monitored weight loss program and continue with my exercise program. I told myself that this was my last chance to lose the excess weight and live a healthy life-style. My last chance, because I am already at an age when many give in to age issues, begin to have mobility problems and give up on the dream of being slender. I am 72.

I was always a yo-yo dieter, so when I found I not only could lose the weight (40lbs. and counting), but I could maintain the weight, I knew the key component was Jacques-Luis and the agility and weight training I do with him. His knowledge and encouragement has kept me focused and positive.

Some of the interesting things I have gained the ability to do: leg press 110lbs. – 8 reps., row 948 meters in 5 minutes, box (punch a bag) 3 rounds, 1 minute each. I also have found that I have the agility and the lung capacity to run! I couldn’t be more pleased and as one might expect, I wish I had started earlier in my life. Just remember, it’s not too late!

Franly Sanchez

Franly Sanchez - Trained with Jacques-Luis

What better testimony than the following?
Before Jacques: 271 lbs, 34.7% composition
After Jacques: 180 lbs, 20% composition
A 90 pound loss and 15% drop in composition!

I still remember the first day we took my measurements. “Write what you are eating”, he said in a very serious manner; although it is very difficult for him not to smile and he did soon after. Those words were the beginning of a life changing experience. I took those words to heart and did what I’m use to do as an engineer: be thorough and track everything so it can be analyzed later. I started my own spreadsheet listing everything that I was eating, at what time and how many calories each item had; I soon added daily weight and composition. You can’t imagine how much nutrition information there is on the internet; especially for all the fast food places I frequent. It did not take too long to discover I was eating too much! So I decided to do a small enough change: eat only one portion of whatever I was eating … and that started it all.

With Jacques’ guidance I set up a calorie intake goal based on what I could personally handle. He gave me a cardio goal for the week and, of course, we started the very critical personal training geared toward weight loss. The next few months were beautiful. I mean, as I was tracking everything there is to track. We were able to see the change, not only by my appearance but by what the numbers were showing. And it was strenuous. Yes, Jacques can make you take that extra step that completely exhausts you. And yet again, he always has that rewarding friendly smile along with the encouragement.

So what made him make me do these changes? Well, I can tell you I was going to the gym regularly and for several years before that. Surely, I was missing something critical. I did not believe that the diet was so important. I had to realize that before anything else could take place. So Jacques won the battle of making me understand this.

He is an expert on everything called fitness, which is why I came to him in the first place. There are many experts in the field; not so many that can make you work hard and make you come back for more. There is definitely a lot more to him than his professional expertise and my friends can attest to that. Jacques’ personal charisma is legendary among them. They tell me, “I see you with your trainer, the work-outs look hard but you are still having fun … and he’s always smiling!” That really says a lot because I don’t need a drill sergeant. I need a friend, knowledgeable in his field; guiding me with good intentions; being firm when I need it; and overall, showing that he cares.

So yes, he is still my trainer. My goals are now different, some muscle gain, better fitness level, lower composition … yeah “looks”. But I am sure and confident that with his help, I can reach any fitness goal in front of me.

Megan & Paul Thompson

Megan & Paul Thompson

Megan & Paul Thompson - Trained with Jacques-Luis

My husband and I hired Jacques approximately six months before our wedding. We had tried to get into shape on our own and just found with our busy schedules that unless we had a set time to workout (and someone who was checking up on us), it would get pushed to the back of the priority list.

What I liked best about working with Jacques was the attainable goals. The focus was never “lose 5 pounds in two weeks”, it was “burn 1800 calories this week” which we did by going to the gym and using the cardio equipment. The focus to was on our eating habits. We learned a lot about nutrition and how we should eat, such as five small meals a day instead of two or three big meals a day. Also, I was always intimidated before to try different machines at the gym, and I never knew what weights to put on, or how many reps to do. Jacques explained everything very well and made sure we understood what we were doing and we could do it safely on our own if we chose to. At the end of about four and a half months (because the last month and a half before a wedding as everyone knows is beyond hectic!) My husband and I had lost a total of over sixty (60) pounds. Paul going from 262 to 225 and myself dropping from 158 to 134. I went from a size 10/12 to a petite 6. Paul and I both agree that it was the best investment we ever made because it was an investment in ourselves. We still work with Jacques and will continue to do so for quite awhile.

Paul Tyman

Paul Tyman - Trained with Jacques-Luis

I have battled the scale all of my life. I was a classic yo-yo dieter. I would lose weight and then gain it, plus more, back. When my oldest daughter got engaged I decided to once again to try to lose weight. I was determined not to be the fat guy in the wedding pictures. So I started watching what I ate and started doing a little exercising. I have never enjoyed exercising and in fact I would often do everything possible to stay out of the gym. I started losing weight but it was slow and I had hit a plateau.

One of my co-workers mentioned that she was working with Jacques-Luis Nodar at the student life center. She mentioned that if we formed a team the cost per session would only be $15. I decided what the heck. Well I can honestly say that decision changed my life. Working with Jacques completely changed my attitude towards exercising. Jacques designed an exercise program for me and helped me to find “ecstasy” in exercise. He answered all my questions and worked with me to put together a plan to hit my weight loss goal in time for the wedding. In the process I lost an amazing 125 pounds and was not the fat guy in the wedding pictures. Even though the wedding has long since passed I am still working with Jacques. My goals have changed a little bit and Jacques has helped me to fine tune my exercise routine to accomplish my new goal. I am continuing to lose weight and with any luck by the end of the year I will weigh less than I have at any point in my life and I will be in better shape than I was when I was 20.

Everyone asks me “what is your secret?” My answer is that the secret is hard work and Jacques. All I can say is if you want to lose weight and want to get in better shape get yourself to the gym, find Jacques, and start an exercise routine. I promise you that in no time you will feel great, you will find yourself losing weight, getting fit, and like me will find ecstasy in exercise.

Beth Vanfossen

Beth Vanfossen - Trained with Jacques-Luis

I am a senior in my 70s, and I have been participating in the weekly Max Effort Training Program at Rivers Run (a retirement community in Rochester) since 2008. This is a program for seniors which encourages members of the training class to proceed at their own pace and at the level appropriate for them. In such a class, everyone works within a comfortable range, with exercises that can be modified for their own particular situation.

In that very first month of training back in 2008, I noticed that my arm and leg muscles began to feel stronger, and I felt better physically. I really enjoyed the Max Effort class, and continued in it faithfully, twice a week, up to this day. The class was not only good for my physical health, it also was fun.

Later in 2010, when I developed severe arthritis in the knees (yes, both of them), I eventually scheduled two knee replacement surgeries (but not at the same time). I worked out with the Max Effort classes right up until surgery time. After each surgery, the knee thankfully began to heal quite rapidly for this kind of operation. Both the doctors and the physical therapists were amazed. They told me that in part it was because the muscles around the knees and in the rest of my body had already been in such good shape for someone my age. Thank you, Max Effort!

Jacques and Joe are very good in working with people who are at different levels of physical development. They also are very knowledgeable about the body, how it works, and what should be done to improve physical health. And they are fun to be with during the training hour. Humorous, kind, and competent – a great combination of traits for helping others to improve and maintain their physical condition.

Megan & Paul Thompson

Zoe Weinstein - Trained with Marty Butler

I started working with Marty in April of 2017 to get in shape for my wedding. Training with Marty has been such a pleasure that I've continued to work with him well after I needed to fit into a too-small dress. I am one of those people who will not exercise unless someone is holding me accountable, and Marty has made it easy for me to come back to the gym day after day. He is super attentive and will regularly tweak the workout to meet my needs/energy levels. Marty listens to what I want and sets achievable goals with a clearly defined and flexible plan to make sure I meet my goals without dreading coming to the gym. I have had body image issues my entire life, and this is the first summer I've ever been confident enough to wear shorts. Working with Marty has been an excellent experience and I can't say enough good things about him.